Burton Township Land Use Plan - Response Frequency Distribution Totals

Burton LUP - Response Frequency Distribution Totals


Response Frequency Distribution Totals


BCPA Burton Township Summary Total Response

Berkshire Planning Opinion Survey Burton Township Total Strongly Disagree Disagree No Opinion Agree Strongly Agree
Q1. Considering the preceding overview of the BCPA, I believe this approach to the regions development issues is desirable. 4.58% 8.24% 14.19% 57.67% 15.33%
Q2. I believe this type of development is appropriate for this region. 6.41% 10.07% 10.76% 51.49% 21.28%
Q3. I believe the Berkshire communities should stabilize local cost of services by planning to restrict residential growth rates to less than 2% per year. 12.10% 14.61% 9.13% 38.81% 25.34%
Q4. I believe it is appropriate for the Berkshire communities to investigate the possibility of a regional plan for fire and rescue services. 5.69% 17.54% 5.47% 55.81% 15.49%
Q5. I believe the Berkshire communities should consider sewers to increase residential density and reduce residential lot sizes. 49.77% 27.93% 4.73% 10.36% 7.21%
Q7. I believe the Berkshire community should encourage increased regional sport / recreational opportunities. 10.80% 17.47% 20.46% 37.01% 14.25%
Q8. I would encourage the Berkshire communities to consider future commercial efforts along those arteries and away from agricultural and residential land use areas. 6.60% 12.44% 4.31% 47.97% 26.88%
  1 year 2 years 3 years 5 years Never
Q6. How often do you believe the average septic system (based on a family of 4), should be pumped and serviced? 10.02% 44.63% 26.73% 15.51% 3.10%
Q9. To me the most important of these life qualities are, (check all that apply).
  A relatively non-intrusive local governmental presence
  Septic systems instead of sewer systems
  Open space / rural character 
  Quality public education opportunities
  Relatively low population density
  Natural recreation opportunities
  Relatively low property tax base
  A generally unspoiled environmental setting
  Minimal traffic congestion
  Effective law enforcement services
  Effective fire and rescue services
  All of the above
Q10. Which qualities are you subsequently willing to sacrifice? (Check all that apply).
  A relatively non-intrusive local governmental presence
  Septic systems instead of sewer systems
  Open space / rural character 
  Quality public education opportunities
  Relatively low population density
  Natural recreation opportunities
  Relatively low property tax base
  A generally unspoiled environmental setting
  Minimal traffic congestion
  Effective law enforcement services
  Effective fire and rescue services
  All of the above
Q11. Which characteristics would you most likely preserve by supporting increased taxation? (Check all that apply).
  A relatively non-intrusive local governmental presence
  Septic systems instead of sewer systems
  Open space / rural character 
  Quality public education opportunities
  Relatively low population density
  Natural recreation opportunities
  Relatively low property tax base
  A generally unspoiled environmental setting
  Minimal traffic congestion
  Effective law enforcement services
  Effective fire and rescue services
  All of the above
  Preliminary Post Media Final
Total Number Sent 1,522 1,522 1,522
Total Number Received 336 124 460
Sample Yield % 22.08% 8.15% 30.22%


BSD Burton Township Summary Total Response

Berkshire School District Survey Burton Township Total Strongly Disagree Disagree No Opinion Agree Strongly Agree
Q1. Given the obsolete nature of the Claridon and Troy facilities, I believe this plan is a fiscally responsible approach to resolving the district's future educational requirements. 14.19% 17.79% 13.06% 38.29% 16.67%
Q2. I believe this approach to be a desirable course of action.  10.85% 15.24% 17.09% 43.65% 13.16%
Q3. I believe this feature of the proposed consolidation plan is desirable. 11.01% 16.28% 15.37% 41.28% 16.06%
Q4. I would support a stand-alone track and field facility being included in the Berkshire consolidation and construction plans. 22.53% 15.86% 13.10% 35.63% 12.87%
Q7. I would encourage the BOE to seek out these financial alternatives for the funding of additional athletic facilities as an alternative to using additional tax revenues. 6.06% 4.43% 4.66% 41.72% 43.12%
Q8. I believe the townships of Troy and Claridon should be given the first priority in the disposition of these vacated sites. 7.06% 6.12% 11.53% 41.65% 33.65%
Q5. Please indicate your support for these additional construction activities and their subsequent cost. I Would Support I Would Not Support Unsure
Q5a. A sports stadium with track 39.63% 42.63% 17.74%
Q5b. A two story multi-purpose athletic/community facility attached to the new high school 31.21% 48.23% 20.57%
Q5c. A 110 foot long main gymnasium floor 31.31% 43.69% 25.00%
Q6. Other items the boosters would like to see included in the base building project or taken into consideration for future projects are I Would Support I Would Not Support Unsure
Q6a. 3 tennis courts 24.70% 56.53% 18.76%
Q6b. 2 outdoor basketball courts 35.98% 47.20% 16.82%
Q6c. a baseball diamond 48.68% 36.69% 14.63%
Q6d. a softball diamond 40.38% 40.87% 18.75%
Q6e. 2 practice fields 28.26% 46.38% 25.36%
Q6f. a swimming pool 32.28% 51.43% 16.19%
  Preliminary Post Media Final
Total Number Sent 1,522 1,522 1,522
Total Number Received 336 124 460
Sample Yield % 22.08% 8.15% 30.22%


BSD Burton Township Written Response

I believe that the school consolidation plan should be done in phases over a period of years. I don't want our community to get so far into debt with this consolidation plan, that we are forced to increase our population or have excessive commercial/industrial growth. I don't want to build more school than we need and then scramble to fill it. I don't believe that as a community we are suffering. We have a rural area with a low crime rate. I believe as a collective people, we are conservative. I think a long term plan for the Berkshire School System is a good idea. But I don't want to become another Bainbridge, Chesterland or Chardon.

I would support a bond issue only if the current income tax would be reduced or eliminated.

I believe that these plans should be long term, because they are expensive and large projects. I realize that growth is inevitable, but I don't want Burton to become another Chesterland, Chardon or Middlefield - good zoning is imperative! And expenditures like this school expansion should be well thought out and implemented in phases over a period of several years, so that we can support these upgrades.

Question # 5 (two story multi-purpose athletic...) Unsure - Isn't this project already being carried out through private contributions?

Question # 6 - Are you talking about having these student competition or more for the
community and charging membership? Re: baseball diamonds, softball diamonds - don't we have these at Burton Elementary? Or do we need more like them?

Questions #5 & 6 - I support the need for these facilities, but would need additional information on the funding for same before I will support "carte blanche" the cost of same.

Please continue to encourage a high school complex with a separate middle school and an elementary school.

Why doesn't the district provide (at a cost) before and after school childcare? I can't send my child to Burton Elementary because of this! I will not support a levy until this changes. What does the BOE expect from 2-income working parents? This isn't 1950's!!

I already have a swimming pool - I don't play tennis - I do not want to pay for other adults playtime. I would support needed facilities for students, but only what we do not have now.

I strongly believe in a K-8th grade facility. Catholic schools use this approach and is now being used in California. The trend is to eliminate the middle schools in California. The spirit of community is more evident in these situations and less behavior problems.

As I read this, the majority of the questions seem to be coming from the athletic boosters. How can this be? If we build a new high school, it's priority must be academics - not track, swimming pools and other high dollar athletic facilities. We have limited tax dollars and clearly, we are not Shaker Heights or Beachwood, where they can spend $14,000 per student!

I am totally against any more tax increases for any reason. As far as new school construction, I believe that the families with children in school should be "footing the bill". Additionally, maybe more current tax funds could be made available by eliminating unnecessary classroom subjects and sticking to the basics - reading, writing and math.

My view of the sports facilities would change if I knew a maintenance plan and staff was also available.

Question # 8 - Sell to the highest bidder. Don't let what happened in Chesterland with Chester School!

Why no questions concerning the school income tax? This has been a Trojan horse from day one! It is time to rescind this tax. People that have no children in school still pay a property tax to the BSD along with an income tax. Pass a bond issue for the new schools and facilities but get rid of the income tax.

Ignore the boosters - as soon as their kids grow up, they will loose interest in the community.

I believe consolidation of the elementary school is wise from a financial perspective. It is very unfortunate that Claridon and Troy sacrifice their local community schools. Overall, I think the public school experience is good. I think my kids are getting an adequate education. However, there is room for improvement. I would like to be able to say my kids are getting an outstanding education! Keep up the good work BOE, and thank you for all your dedication.

I am for academics, not athletics. Punderson has a pool. We have a lot of practice fields. I thought we played basketball inside. We have a stadium and it has a track. This is the country and we don't even have a tennis team. Why have tennis courts? Let the boosters pay for these items and someone with a lot of money. I'm retired and I really feel burdened with all these extras in my taxes. Your ideas must have come from Hudson, Solon, Beachwood or Cuyahoga Falls. If you want all this, go there. Emphasis on academics and I'll vote for a new high school, but nothing for sports.

After reviewing your future projects concerning athletics, I am incensed that the local taxpayers would be assessed for such luxuries. I am of the belief that these activities should be the responsibility of parents to provide these activities for their children. It is not the taxpayers burden to provide this. The schools responsibility is education!!

In response to the Troy and Claridon schools being abandoned, has anyone considered renting these buildings or use as a facility for senior citizens, etc.

Why is it the school district has money to add a new locker room but can't fix a building - are your priorities education or sports?

My heart bleeds for you - sports, the edification of a few at the expense of many.

How many Burton, Troy and Claridon residents would use these glorious new facilities? The first four questions on this page are obviously slanted toward closing both Troy and Claridon - Why do you bother to ask our opinion at all as it appears you will do what you want to anyway. It also appears that the athletic boosters must have had a hand in the wording of other questions. Has anyone done impact studies on what closing Troy and Claridon elementary will do to those communities? It will affect them whether you consider that or not, it is what gives those communities their sense of separate identity - you may as well rename the townships while you are at it - Upper Burton and Lower Burton.

The Berkshire Schools are not Beachwood!! Pools, big gyms, two-story work-out areas are 50-60 years away in Berkshire. To bring these "luxury" items up now while our kids are in portables, 30+ classes is, well, laughable, insane and totally illogical and irresponsible.

Never, ever publish a "wish list" - you just killed any prospect of a levy passing for the next 20 years. The boosters can not even complete their "new" gym project, why seek other projects they likewise will not finish!!

Are these two townships going to help support a joint school? I certainly hope so!

Has anyone gone on to play "professionally" in a sport from Berkshire?

The school board has its income tax. We will not support any new property taxes.

I support the athletics and think they are an important part of school life. In hiring teachers, I would like to see better teachers at the high school. I would also like to see a more uniform grading system. I disagree with each teacher having free rein with all of their teaching methods. This has created numerous problems in my children's education.

Question #7 - Industry tax deduction? Name facilities after major or total donor!

Question # 8 - If good enough for these, maybe still useable - but I guess "experts" say not!

Build a new high school.

Home school kids have nothing after 8th grade - open gym?
There has got to be a law against guns so close to school.

I don't agree with consolidation. Good teachers can teach anywhere.

Question #7 - Should be a combination, private foundations may be of help.

Question #8 - No the buildings should be sold unless the individual community plan to maintain them without funding from BOE and BSD.

Question #7 - Remember, we cannot continually go to businesses in this area for money. It will be easier for everyone to contribute a little than a business to contribute a lot.

Question #1 - How long would children be on the bus?

Question #3 - Depending on how long kids are on the bus.

Question #4 - Why not do so with Kent?

Question #7 - It's everyone's responsibility!

What plans are being made to expand arts & culture? Plan shows strong athletic focus.

Where is the proposed new high school?

Are you planning to invest in teachers and facilities?

What plans have been made to meet the needs of special students, troubled students, non-athletic students?

Question #1 - Agree - What about 2 elementary schools, since the issue of length of transportation time is still an issue.

Question #3 - At the same time, smaller school and better communication between places might be good too.

Township school is not as old a building as Burton Elementary!

Quit favoring jocks. Education first, sports very last.

The schools are to learn instead of all the sports.

Keep the small schools. Also, keep Ritalin out of schools. It almost killed my grandson.

I believe some of these comments are leading and cause contradicting answers. While I do believe computer, science and curriculum should be equal in the district, I do not believe the Claridon and Troy buildings are obsolete. If I were a parent in Claridon or Troy, I'm not sure I would want my elementary student bussed so far from home.

As far as athletic facilities, yes, I believe they would be a wonderful asset to a new high school. However, I feel that they should be funded privately, not through additional tax levies.

We already have adequate baseball/softball diamonds.

Tennis? This is Burton, not Beachwood!

Question #7 - However, all taxes are not evil.

I believe that Berkshire School District's policy of pay to play is ridiculous and needs to be eliminated.

Will Berkshire pay for school? Increase tax etc. What is Claridon and Troy's share?

Keep Troy and Claridon schools, Village of Burton too congested now.

Question #8 - Auction to public - highest bidder gets them. Proceeds to new buildings.

I've heard some talk of teachers being moved to teach other subjects when they had specialized in one subject for years. This is wrong. When we want quality education for our children, our teachers are having the learn a new subject which takes away from the children. Let the teachers teach what they know, not re-learn a new subject. Whose bright idea was this?!!

Question # 1 - And bussing is fiscally responsible? Repairing is always cheaper than building new, but harder. This makes the school board look plain lazy if they would rather throw my tax dollars at a problem then do the job right.

Question # 2 - I have to disagree because it is not really even clear what the question is. What does "promote the enhancement of increasing" mean? I don't think one can use an adjective phrase to amplify an adjective phrase.

Question # 3 - If there are any educational inconsistencies in the lesson plans approved by the BOE, then they should hold their appointed principals more accountable. Also, inconsistent class sizes are the product of where the parents choose to live. If a smaller class is preferable to them, then they move to Claridon. Also, if one principal uses their funding to by kickball's and playground equipment, and another one chooses to by computers, that is their prerogative.

Question # 4 - What do you mean there are no track facilities available in the district? I ran on the track at the high school not too long ago, and, as far as I know, it's still there. And what is meant by a "stand-alone" facility? What is that the opposite of?

Question # 5 - If you want an Olympic sized gymnasium, move to Beachwood. This is Berkshire, we're simple country folk.

Question # 6 - Tennis courts? A pool? If you have money to build these, I don't want to hear about how the district is out of money, and needs another levy.

Question # 7 - Finally, a question that makes sense, Yes, I agree, the boosters and private donors can do whatever they want with their money.

Question # 8 - Anybody who is willing to pay fair market value should get these sites.

Question # 8 - If they can be used for that, why not for classrooms?

It is good that you are trying to get input from many in the community, but sad that only a few are really listened too. Leadership with inflated egos only hear those who agree with them.

We have a nice baseball diamond! We have some nice softball diamonds.

It would be a shame to take away the Claridon and Troy Elementary Schools! I think those two buildings are in better shape; then you are painting.

Question #1 - Consolidations have ruined the public education system for 40 years. What do you want? Another Columbine?

Question #2 - Never consolidate when you can avoid it.

Question #3 - Let the parents decide. If you have a child in school you may express an opinion. If not - butt out!

Question #4 - Develop adequate athletic facilities for students. This will help keep them off drugs and out of trouble. It's simple. Don't cloud the issue.

Question #5 - We should have good track and field facilities.

The community has the new YMCA.

We should have a big enough gymnasium.

Don't ask people about 110 foot or 105 foot or 118 foot. What does that mean?

Question #6 - We should support a tennis program.

Basketball courts - these can be very simple and basic.

Baseball diamond - We don't need a Jacob's Field.

Softball diamond - Isn't this the same as a baseball diamond?

Practice fields - For what? Corn, wheat & hay?

Swimming pool - Swimming is a good life long sport.

Question #9 - Consolidation is a big mistake! I'm warning you!

Daycare should be private - offices (some) would create some income.

The tax payers should not pay for a pool. Through the school levies - This should be a co-effort between the village and the township. And then I would support it. Unfortunately, the "town fathers" 30 and 40 years ago did not have the foresight for the money that is needed today for maintaining and improving the village water system for one. All they wanted to do was keep Burton with no future.

It's time for new administration and board. The school morale is low considering how teachers are being treated. And they want to pass a levy and raise money for a new school? I think not.

Check out what Chardon did to get their new facilities.

Question #8 - They should be sold to the highest bidder. Dollars to go towards expanding Burton Elementary building.

The school's education needs to be addressed before the sports are looked at.

I strongly disagree with only K-4 being served as elementary. I do not agree with fifth grade being in the middle school. I would support the plan with K-5 and 6-8.

Never had and never will have children in the Berkshire schools, yet we have to pay the school taxes incorporated in property tax, plus ¾% school tax is not only on our income but also on our pensions at time of retirement. This ¾% was promoted to pay for sports so parents would not have to pay to play, however, the students re having to pay to play. So as long as we are accessed that ¾%, I will not support anything pertaining to Berkshire schools. They get enough tax money that they collect from the Berkshire community.

I feel Berkshire and Newbury should merge giving us both another elementary building and a building to use as a middle school.

Question #8 - Sell them to the highest bidder.

Question #4 - Should not seek "private sources" this is all part of the BSD educational experience.

Should also include football and baseball as well.

Gymnasium - This should automatically be part of a new high school.

Question #8 - Agree, but must make fiscal sense (not be giveaways, this land plus these buildings have value).

Schools need improvement; less attention to sports and more to academics.

Sports are important. I think good facilities can be provided without large complexes - stick to the basics, good playing surfaces, modest seating facilities. Keep building architecture simple.

You should assume no more dollars in the future from private sources. This is a community obligation and responsibility. You can't keep going to the same well. If the community won't support it, they really do not want to have it. You cannot run a school on private donations and athletic facilities and educational facilities should be bound together in the package that become the new school.

Question #8 - Sell them.

Quest #1 - local school best - support lest busing.

Quest #8 - Who do these buildings belong to? If they belong to the Claridon and Troy communities, then I strongly agree that they should be given first priority. If they belong to BOE, then can they be sold and the money be used towards the new construction?

Question #8 - Who owns them now?

The "consolidation plan" explanation in question 2 is without substance. It tells me nothing about what the "consolidation plan" is. How can I form an opinion about hand-waving?

The Troy and Claridon facilities are owned by BSD. Any proceeds from the sale of these facilities should go to the new construction costs of the new schools. This is school tax payer money.

School tax money is for education of children. It is not for busing of students is a parents problem, not an education problem.

Sports is an extra, that should be paid and supported by parents of players, boosters and outside interest, not education tax money.

Question #3 - Inconsistencies in the 3 buildings should not be taking place or been taking place. Why is it happening?

If these buildings are not suitable for school rooms, why would you make them into a daycare center? Who would benefit ($$) from the income these activities would generate? The BOE or the townships of Claridon and Troy?

What about a soccer field at all schools?

Easy to set up, maintain and all children can participate.


Burton Township Summary Total Response

Burton Township Opinion Survey Total Strongly Disagree Disagree No Opinion Agree Strongly Agree
Q1. I believe the current level and quality of road services in Burton Township is adequate. 5.13% 9.38% 2.46% 69.87% 13.17%
Q2. I would support an increase in the township road levy to better fund road maintenance. 13.84% 38.62% 10.94% 31.47% 5.13%
Q3. I believe the township officials should increase the regulation of home occupation us, and increase the enforcement of same. 18.12% 19.65% 10.70% 36.24% 15.28%
Q4. I would support the necessary property tax increases to defray the township's portion of increasing the Burton Fire Department staffing capacity to provide 24 hour manned fire and rescue service. 11.48% 26.71% 11.70% 41.06% 9.05%
Q5. I believe that the City of Akron presence is positive for the residents of Burton Township. 13.23% 18.16% 14.13% 38.79% 15.70%
Q6. I would encourage the township officials to develop an environmentally responsible plan to increase commercial / light industrial development. 11.16% 16.74% 6.47% 43.30% 22.32%
Q7. I would encourage the township officials to continue these communication and planning efforts. 5.88% 7.47% 9.50% 58.60% 18.55%
Q9. Multiple family construction and other high density housing are now excluded from Burton Township zoning. I agree with this residential land use restriction. 7.37% 10.04% 4.24% 33.71% 44.64%
  2 Acres 3 Acres 4 Acres 5 Acres 5+ Acres
Q8. I believe the appropriate lot size should be. 13.01% 33.11% 5.48% 41.55% 6.85%
  1,200 Square Feet 1,500 Square Feet 1,750 Square Feet 2,000 Square Feet No Opinion
Q10. I believe the appropriate minimum residential building area should be.  44.58% 21.23% 9.67% 6.13% 18.40%
  200 Feet  250 Feet 300 Feet 300+ Feet No Opinion
Q11. I believe the appropriate frontage for a residential 3 acres lot should be. 19.67% 45.73% 9.95% 4.27% 20.38%
  Preliminary Post Media Final
Total Number Sent 1,522 1,522 1,522
Total Number Received 336 124 460
Sample Yield % 22.08% 8.15% 30.22%


Burton Township Summary Demographics

Burton Township Demographics Total

1 Year or Less 2-5 Years 6-10 Years 11-20 Years 20+ Years
I have lived in Burton Township for 2.02% 10.56% 16.85% 21.35% 49.21%
  18-30 Years 31-40 Years 41-50 Years 51-60 Years 60+ Years
My approximate age group is 7.48% 16.12% 31.07% 22.20% 23.13%
  $0-14,999 $15-29,999 $30-49,999 $50-74,999 $75,000+
My household income range is 5.01% 10.86% 22.84% 28.13% 33.15%
  Yes No
I voted in the 2000 general election  96.30% 3.70%

Burton Township Summary Written Response

Township zoning must be updated. The SR 87 (eastern corridor) should be carefully planned, or it will look like it does in Newbury Township (a mess).

I don't want excessive increases in population. We need a community "well" planned and one that is expanded at a slow consistent rate where no rash decisions are made that will negatively impact our community. I don't believe we're suffering as a community - we don't need more!

BTOS Question # 5 - Agree - but increase their taxes if necessary.

BTOS Question # 6 - Strongly Disagree - I don't believe that, at this time, there is much
demand for this kind of development.

I love living in rural Burton Township. Living in an area like this, one cannot expect a lot of the amenities that a suburban area would have. I care more about green trees and grass than I do about having street lights or stores close by. I don't want to live in a suburban area - we moved to Burton from Munson Township because of the traffic and problems associated with increased population. Any accommodations we make for development should be well thought out. I don't want to live in another Chesterland, Bainbridge, Chardon or Middlefield.

My major concerns are: Maintain rural community atmosphere, avoid industry (esp. those producing possible air or soil contamination and excessive noise), encourage quality newcomers, with above average public education and law enforcement/fire and rescue services and maintenance of current zoning laws with improvement and enforcement of laws demanding property and building maintenance, safe well water and soil maintenance. Also, an improvement in signage for certain hazardous roadways and intersections, as well as improper grading of certain curves (forcing cars to cross the center line if not careful).

Eliminate "good old boy" method of politics.

Hire only value added employees to help reduce costs.

I believe that 5 acre and even 3 acre lot zoning is too restrictive and makes most new construction unaffordable, especially to first time buyers. I believe a better solution is 1 acre lot sizes in groups of 3 or 5 with 5 to 10 acre undeveloped or natural areas mandated between clusters. Each development would have to form an association and decide how they wanted to improve or use their natural areas and at what level they would want to fund this improvement. Use would be very restrictive toward permanent structures.

Keep Burton Village and Township rural and quaint. If you want to be packed in like sardines and loads of traffic and cement then move to Solon or Chardon.

Taxes are high enough. Can we see a comparative tax base with similar communities? Can we see evidence of all taxes being used properly?

To save money, eliminate the road superintendent job.

Tax Akron for the amount of water taken for their use.

I would like Burton Township to stay residential with 5 acre lots and farmland. To achieve this, I'm willing to pay more in taxes. I don't want Burton to become another Chardon or Middlefield which suffer from poor community planning. Light industrial/commercial, if necessary, on east side of 87.

I would strongly oppose any attempts to reduce current zoning requirements from 5 acre minimums.

If high density housing is ever approved, land developers should carry burden of paying for additional school capital requirements brought about by the increased population. Why should the rest of the township have to pay higher taxes so that land developers can make a large profit?

If the lot size was 3 ½ acres minimum, how could 2 two unit rentals be constructed on Fisher Road in the township very near wetlands?

We need a road superintendent for the township only to be a taxi for the workers? We got along with three trustees before, so why pay this - for nothing. Hire people that want to work.

If you would get rid of the road superintendent the township employees that you have and quit running Amish tax services, we would have more money for roads and such.

BTOS Question #9 - Cluster type building as long as it worked out to 5+ acres per home.

Please preserve the rural character of Burton Township.

Create a long and medium range plan for trustees.

I am absolutely against any development of the Ward Lawrence property. Stay with 5 acre minimum to keep Burton rural. I do not believe there should be development allowed until a new school is built and other services can catch up and we can support it. I do feel the present mayor has the capabilities to lead this community into the proper choices for the best future. No Asphalt Plants!!!

Large lots will help keep water and sewer lines from coming in to play. The price of these lines will break many homeowners!

COS - Question #4 - Strongly Disagree - Not true- schools are the highest.
COS - Question # 6 - Never - should be up to the individual, not government.

I believe a noise restriction law should be passed.

Eliminate the road superintendent as a way of conserving road repair money. Trustees must learn to manage the tax dollars better instead of asking for more money.

BTOS Question # 9 - Strongly Agree - What happened on Fisher Road?

The narrower lot size yields to more septic tanks.

We already have a park system in place.

Slow down development at all costs.

The township and village should encourage commerce, instead of discourage. Existing companies would expand and tax base improve. Look at communities like Aurora, they make it work. Time to change old habits!

Get cluster zoning and open space.

COS - I know it isn't realistic to check none of the above on Questions 10 & 11 - however, I believe that as more people move to this area, there should be policies in place to defray the costs of increased services without increasing taxes. Wow! Good questions - they really made me think.

I love living in Burton. I would love to work in Burton as well. Please do whatever you can to increase light industrial development. I am willing to pay more taxes for roads and fire and rescue services, but increasing commercial businesses seem to be an alternative to increased property taxes - so please do that.

Township road improvements encourage excessive speed and reckless driving. The fire department is volunteer and never fully staffed. Cost would increase greatly for a small increase in service. Curtailing ex-urb sprawl would make expansion of all township services unnecessary.

Keep Burton, Burton - country.

Let's keep this area rural and not a city. You have too may big ideas. I moved here 48 years ago because it was country and I want it to stay that way.

These people who come from the city, want the country but city services should stay in the city. We need large lots, septic tanks and open spaces. Keep lots 5 acres, but no smaller than 3 acres.

I support no increased taxation but support prudent, responsible spending and budgeting. No park, no waste = no need to increase taxes.
The current industrial parkways are not full - what good would additional industrial areas do?

COS Question #7 - Better build a new school first.

COS Question # 10 - No really, it hasn't happened in the last 100 years!!

No asphalt plants in our village or township. If you want an asphalt plant, place in it Dave Ronyak's field.

To develop Burton is absolutely, at this time, or in the future, absurd… Did we not just recently vote a year ago on the Ward Lawrence property for development? That vote was 3 to 1. Nothing has changed. Look at the number of "no asphalt" signs in the village/township. That too is a sign. And where is a Ronyak plant question? That's only the biggest issue in the township. No asphalt plants in Burton Township!! Or place it in Ronyak's field next to his house!

Use land that is zoned commercial to be used for that purpose to decrease taxes. Don't
change the amount of businesses around Burton Square.

Why are the zoning laws not enforced? Ex. junk cars, lawns not mown, sheds with no roofs, etc.

What is zoning for?

You're worried about surface water pollution? Where do you think the over-run from an
asphalt plant will go?

Leave Burton Township rural.

We don't need a H.U.D. development.

No asphalt plant.

We need to loose the "good old boy" attitude behind - a newer generation is here folks, but let's not forget who was here first. And if they were here, I think they would be disappointed at what's going on!

BTOS Question # 2 - Road maintenance has been good. I see no need to improve on already good job done by the township.

BTOS Question # 8 - 3 acres for existing R-3 areas. Where 5 acres is the current minimum, this should not be changed!

BTOS Question # 9 - Conservation development will require sewers. This is ok if there location is carefully selected to not impact open space/farmland. Once sewers are in place, rampant development cannot be stopped by any means available to the township. Developers control the political scene in Geauga County, not elected officials.

I like Burton the way it is. I don't want it turned into a Middlefield. The reason we moved out here is for the country atmosphere not a city one. If I wanted that I would have stayed where I was.

Don't touch the fire department.

BTOS Question # 9 - Cluster housing with green space ok - 30% homes - 70% green. I have lived here all my life and would like to see the rural atmosphere maintained. I would support some type of industry in keeping with the country setting.

Keep sewers out of township. Inspect septic locally or county - Keep EPA out! Road maintenance is fine. Man firehouse for 12 hours.

The BCPA is the most important community initiative to take place in this area since I have lived here. I applaud the hard work of the committee members.

I would like to see the BCPA address the issue of cluster housing as a viable alternative to large lot zoning. The positive aspects of this concept need to be conveyed to the residents of this area. Setting aside some land for this purpose will deter less desirable alternatives to the inevitable growth of the area.

Glad the housing development on Rapids Road was prevented.

People should not be able to park junk/non-working vehicles in the front yards or driveways - they should have to be in the back, out of sight.

People should not be allowed to hang deer carcasses on the front porch and have deer parts lying around the front yard!!

My taxes are high enough!

I don't think frontage matters, as long as there is adequate area for septic systems.

If Burton wants to increase school, sport and recreational opportunities, Burton should allow more housing development to justify the cost of these additions.

Burton Heights Blvd is on the verge of homeowner flight. Haeuter's gravel pit operations are strip mining, which is no longer permitted. Please monitor them and water table ramifications.

BTOS Question #2 - Provided you don't ask for "high" mileage.
BTOS Question #3 - Is enforcing the regulations an option?

Please keep in mind us "baby-boomers" are aging and will not be able to keep the government rolling in money - increases in moderation would be appreciated.

Your help on the gravel pit sucked.

COS Question #1 - No voting rights!

COS Question #3 - You assume no other options!

COS Question #4 - We already have these.

COS Question #5 - I have never heard that assumption before! There are other options!

COS Question #6 - You assume too much information is known by the property owners.

COS Question #10 - I'm not willing to sacrifice any of them, that doesn't mean some of them won't change.

Home occupations are original land uses and are fundamental to America's heritage and freedoms.

The City of Akron has too great a presence and it should be reduced to a minimal level.

I believe there should be flexibility in frontage if the attempt is to build back off the road!

All roads should be paved. Press Akron for the community to use their land.

I am strongly opposed to an asphalt plant in Burton. I hope this issue will be permanently resolved very soon. I would hope that Burton Township officials will do everything in their power to protect the environment for Burton Township residents by opposing an asphalt plant.

BTOS Question #6 - Very important. Needed.

Let's not turn township roads into the same as Butternut!

Home office ok, home business, NO.

It seems they have a levy every year! I volunteered my EMT service and was turned down because I wouldn't stay after 3 p.m.

Although I live in the township, I have to view my opinion on "The Gunrunner" store in Burton Village. I am concerned about its closeness to the high school. It seems like in today's world, the village council would have thought twice about allowing such a business to be so near our high school!

Increased income always increases opportunities for growth or "non-growth." However, the whole burden should not fall on the homeowner. Is there room for industrial growth?

I am not convinced that large lot zoning is the most ecologically beneficial solution. Though it appears to be esthetically more pleasing, it results in large tracts of land being broken and disturbed. I believe that consideration should be given to developing some limited cluster housing with common green space.

I also am very offended by political entities (zoning/planning, etc.) should dictate how large or small a person's home should be.

COS Question #4 - Disagree, this is already in use called mutual aid for fire departments, also the county fire association.

COS Question #6 - This is already a rule, but company doesn't do their job.

Check with fire department on mutual aid. It has been in effect for years with 911, they call two departments for house fires. Even auxiliary members respond to help with any disasters when needed.

BTOS Question #5 - Strongly disagree - how much tax are they really paying?

BTOS Question #9 - Strongly disagree - there are many multi-family houses - check Amish.

COS Question #11(A) Why assume we all see government as the enemy?

This is a great survey! Thanks for all your hard work. The only issue not addressed is the role increased taxation can have in ultimately saving the citizen cost of service expenditures. A community on solid financial ground can fend off the rapid growth that escalates into a cost of service nightmare. Example: A tax for farmland preservation would save on cost of services if that land wasn't turned into the housing that ultimately leads to increased taxes for police, fire, school, etc.

I would like to see noise control law. More police patrol.

I would like to see Burton continue to be the small family community it has always been.

The trustees have been very poor stewards of our tax dollars! It is about time the trustees act in the best interest of the residents and not for themselves!

(Between Butternut Road and Durkee) I live on Hale Road, north of Butternut. We get virtually nothing done to maintain this section of road, other than snow removal and a rare sprinkle of gravel. The road needs to be graded desperately before spreading of stone. It would be great if we could have a hard surface road installed. We get almost nothing for our tax dollars now. I have always voted for township levies but am getting fed up with our section of road. It is impossible to dodge all the holes that are there, most all of the time. Please do something to help us out. I won't vote for another road levy again until something is done to greatly improve our road. Most people in Burton Township have good roads. We should have one too - before money is spent to improve roads that are far better to begin with than ours. We have nice homes and cars also.

Can you please do something about controlling the noise level of loud noisy motorcycles and vehicles after a reasonable hour at night in the township? It takes place on a county road but in the jurisdiction of the township.

The Red Maple Inn provided a positive image, whereas The Gunrunner provides a negative image for the Burton Square area.

Our Berkshire community has never looked so appealing to those within just visiting distance. So no matter the price, do all you can to keep that type of life for us lucky families… we welcome this effort.

I like the country atmosphere. I would like to keep it that way. Little change is better…for the environment.

BTOS Question #8 - If the county has data that supports the recommendation to increase to 5 acre minimums, I would support that. But, if no good data exists, 3 acres is plenty big enough and maintains a "rural" atmosphere.

Zoning enforcement, weak. Uhaul Rt. 168 used car Rt. 700, lot not enforced.

COS Question #1 - Regional developmental plans are a disservice to all involved. I don't want to tell the people in Troy what to do, I sure as hell don't want the people in Troy telling me what to do!

COS Question #2 - I was unaware there was "Housing Density Requirements." Where can I find a copy of these?

COS Question #3 - We are dying as a township. We need to encourage as much growth as possible, not restrict it.

COS Question #4 - The fire department seems to have taken a very "this is what you will pay us" attitude of late. We need to get control of the fire department back in the hands of the people.

COS Question #5 - I believe we in Burton township had until very recently a lot of 1 ½ acre zoned areas. That is pretty good sized lot, and is not cost prohibitive to most people. If it requires sewers to be installed, then so be it.

COS Question #6 - Why is there no "as needed" answer available. This seems to be a leading question.

COS Question #7 - Not if it means increasing taxes.

COS Question #8 - What about the north south artery of Claridon-Troy Road?

COS Question #11 - Don't raise taxes!

BTOS Question #1 - The roads should be kept better cleared of snow and ice, and potholes should be fixed quicker.

BTOS Question #2 - An extra $12,000 annually could be generated if the trustees would dissolve the newly created position of Road Superintendent, or whatever the title is, and do the job themselves, as it always has been done in the past. If they are unable to do the job we elected them to, they should step down.

BTOS Question #3 - Less government is better. I live in the township because I believe that statement. If I wanted someone to tell me what to do with my property, I'd move to the city.

BTOS Question #4 - I thought roads were the most expensive budget item? This question is misleading. Fire and rescue services are provided 24 hours a day, and always have been. I support having the fire department revert back to a truly volunteer department, and getting rid of rescue all together. The trustees should then contract with Rural Metro or another rescue agency, and have them provide service to the residents on a "pay as you go" basis.

BTOS Question #5 - Akron should be required to pay the same taxes on the land they own as the rest of us. Otherwise, they are a leach on the community.

BTOS Question #6 - Delete the term "environmentally responsible" from the stated opinion; this isn't California, and besides, we can all see what their "environmentally friendly" power generation did to them! We definitely need more commercial/industrial zoned areas in the township. True, there is a large section on the eastern SR 87 corridor, but almost half of that is Akron's land anyway, and Akron is not going to build to build factories on their property.

BTOS Question #7 - Dialogs? There's been one discussion, and it led nowhere with the village. We should continue to develop commercial/industrial properties on our own.

BTOS Question #8 - Not everyone can afford three or more acres.

BTOS Question #9 - If people want to live in apartments or condominiums, they should move to the city. This is the country.

BTOS Question #10 - 1200 square feet is plenty for a small house.

BTOS Question #11 - This question forces the three acres concept. As stated in number 8, 2 acres is plenty, and therefore only 200 feet of frontage should be required. Burton Township needs to have a long range plan that can be enforced. The township is still poorly managed (especially road issues), sets zoning enforcement based on who they "like" without logic or practicality.

Let's keep the rural feel to Burton. Avoid the shabby industrialization of Middlefield and the crowded rudeness of Chardon!

BTOS Question #1 - More paving and repairing should be done.

BTOS Question #2 - Don't need a road superintendent. This is job of trustees. Do it or resign. This saves money.

BTOS Question #3 - No more government intrusion in citizen's lives.

BTOS Question #4 - Question is wrong. We have 24 hour fire and rescue coverage.

BTOS Question #5 - Raise taxes in Akron property any way you can.

BTOS Question #6 - We have environmental agencies. The trustees should not enforce environmental issues. That is done by others. And there is no higher tax burden on residence.

BTOS Question #7 - There was only one meeting, while question suggests plural meetings. Just develop commercial opportunity.

BTOS Question #9 - Overcrowding is detrimental to human existence! No clustered housing.

COS Question #1 - We don't need soviet type community management.

COS Question #2 - No clustered housing! Crowding is bad for people.

COS Question #4 - Take bids.

COS Question #5 - Sewers turn over access to your pocket book by unelected outsiders.

COS Question #6 - Septic systems should be serviced "as needed". There is no "average" septic system!

COS Question #7 - You have the YMCA going in and plenty of commercial recreation sites that are sucking no new tax sources.

COS Question #8 - Commercial development should be in commercially zoned areas.

COS Question #11 - If I've already got it, then why should I be taxed for it.

COS Question #4 - Just shop around. Don't go communist!!

COS Question #5 - Sewers are a license to steal.

COS Question #7 - You've got the YMCA!

COS Question #8 - The "Berkshire" communities do not engage in commercial efforts. Citizens do, butt out!

I don't know much about this BCPA, but I know you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Butt out of peoples business. Don't regionalize a damn thing. Disband the BCPA before you do more harm.

BTOS Question #2 - Fire road guy, and let the trustees do that job like they are supposed to. That will save $25,000 a year!

BTOS Question #3 - Government should butt out.

BTOS Question #4 - Shop around for service.

BTOS Question #5 - Raise the taxes on Akron property.

BTOS Question #6 - If you got more houses, then pay more taxes. That's not wrong. Stay our of environmental questions. Other agencies do that.

BTOS Question #7 - One meeting is not a series. Do your own thing.

BTOS Question #8 - Whatever is required to handle septic. Keep sewers out. They rob you.

BTOS Question #9 - Clustered living in high density housing causes more crime and murder.

BTOS Question #10 - Leave it up to whatever the owner can afford - as long as it doesn't detract from the neighborhood.

BTOS Question #11 - This isn't an opinion question. Do what is architecturally pleasing and proper.

I like living in Burton Township - The Township for the most part does a good job and does not bother the residents or try to make our lives difficult. This is good government.

We do not need to have the most impressive fire department in Ohio. I believe they really got carried away and did an "ego trip" with the equipment they have - monies could be spent to do many other useful things in our community.

Why was Mary Lambert able to build duplexes in this township and probably on wetlands? Please call and tell me - Ed and Alberta Jackson 834-8728 (night)

Burton has been a wonderful town to grow up in. I would hope that it can remain the same for years to come. We the people of Burton must open our eyes to the future of the village/township but as well remember, Burton is where history lives!

If I own 50 acres and want to build 10 houses, I don't feel I need 200 ft. frontage for each lot. We don't need local or county or state telling us how big a house we have to build.

I encourage light/industrial development but it needs to be done with strict guidelines so they are not an eyesore and buildings constructed to look like they fit in with Burton's quaint Early-American look.

Housing developments do not bother me as long as each house is placed on a 5 acre lot.

BTOS Question #14 has no bearing on this survey. I strongly disagree with the lot increase of 3 acres to 5 acres. The Rapids Road housing development would have been a positive addition to the community. The township needs to welcome residential and commercial growth. This would bring in tax revenues to help pay for the proposed high school/sports complex. The private sector has paid enough in the past.

BTOS Question #14 is not relevant in my opinion. I also feel Burton needs to open the doors and let 3 acre lots (ex. Rapid Road dilemma) and more commercial growth into our town. It is getting outrageous for the private sector to fund all these proposed changes!

Burton Township should be left the way it is. A beautiful country area.

How did the multiple homes get built on Fisher Road?

Housing developments are fine as long as each home has a 5 acre requirement of acreage.

Please consider with the county parks, the historical museum, any old preserved homes, banks, churches in addition to the good folks and the settlement of the Amish, their homes, farms, manicured properties - a heavy increase of industry, a consolidated school, a large athletic complex will most certainly increase taxes and the personality of the BSD area.

In addition, the Amish have their own schools and probably would not take advantage of the athletic complex. We are a small area - planning and zoning and inspections and changes in development will better fill needs of a growing community of change.

Burton Village, Township and Berkshire school officials want to keep a rural atmosphere but have inadequate income sources to do so. There is a need for industry to share the costs of all the suggested improvements. The "not in my backyard" practice will eventually hurt all of us. Ask California residents about their lack of power sources. Young people beginning their lives cannot afford 5 acre lots and massive square footage. The urbanites who have "retired" to our area should not rule/dictate the policy for growth in our community. We need foresight for the long-range future - not just a ten year plan.

COS Question #8 - Agree but only within parameters of existing zoning regulations.

BTOS Question #5 - But there should be a way to increase the taxes which Akron pays.

The BCPA is interfering in rights of American landowners.

COS Question #2 - Government encroaching on American constitutional rights. This sounds like socialism.

Burton has highest tax rate in the area according to tax office in Chardon. Likewise, Ohio's taxes are high.

The township should be fairly considered. What is good for one is good for all. Allowing some to have 3 acre lots and others only 5 is unconstitutional, designed to favor one group and penalize the other.

Sorry, but we really can't afford to pay more taxes!

Good work. We need to look at new septic technology, would like to see homeowners be responsible for sanitation rather than having sewers and water treatment plants. Regional planning for education and fire/safety and roads if a good idea. Clustering development to preserve open space/watersheds is a benefit.

COS Question #2 - Can't tell farmers what to do!

COS Question #3 - This area will grow 8-10% Elitist attitude "I'm here, you go away"!

COS Question #7 - Put kids to work.

No higher taxes. The taxes are highest now. Money not the answer. Reduce waste. Bill the user / charge tuition.
BTOS Question #1 - Drive too fast on roads as it is.

BTOS Question #5 - They own it - nothing you can to!

BTOS Question #6 - Increase tourism, not industry!

BTOS Question #7 - Should have been doing this all along.

BTOS Question #8 - 3 acres - also true for existing 5 acre zones also.

Need master theme of development plan.

I believe that more and larger lots will only require less home per mile and raise taxes, land costs, home costs that limit the sale of moderate income families homes to this income bracket. Encourage small and mid size business into the area to meet the need of the increased growth. Ease the taxes for all.

COS Question # 6 - I don't have 4 in my family. I call when service is needed.

BTOS Question #5 - Disagree - Why don't they pay for the use of the land or taxes? 25% is a large percentage of our land.

Soon all the farmland will be gone in Burton. Subdivisions and houses are popping up

COS Question #6 - 2 years - and penalize those residences and industries that blatantly disregard health and cleanliness guidelines.

All BCPA meetings should be open to the public!

Instead of regulating home use for business, it would be better to regulate the environmental noise and light trespass issues. Example: A neighbors light that shines directly in your window, such as the one on Jug Road, south of the bend, south of Hubbard. That's not commercial. It's an inconsiderate neighbor.

Burton Township is a great community to live in. People are friendly. To also increase values of homes, property owned by residents needs to be kept up. There are too many homes with additions started and not finished, roof tops being covered with tarps, cars no longer running sitting in yards, old appliances sitting in front yards. This is not healthy for a community and it does not seem like a welcome sign to visitors. Trash Day is not being used to its fullest potential. Children do not need to see this in their neighborhood they call home.

Red Maple Inn has been a nice addition to the community.

COS paragraph - The BCPA is neither pro or anti development……
If you hold to this statement, you will be doing good for the area. If you don't, this area will become like Middlefield (junkville). They want to become big and make lots of money so bad, that they created a dump.

On a Saturday the line for the traffic light at 87 and 608 is lined up all the way to the Giant Eagle.

Some through roads should be county not township.

Speed limits on side roads should be lowered below state highway limits to put traffic back onto highway from short cuts on township roads.

Akron should be pay taxes on open land even if water is on it. Water is a resource the same as crops or trees are to a farmer who pays taxes on all his land.

This past winter snow removal has not been as good as in the past. There were days that Burton Township road had unsafe conditions when main roads and other township roads were not.

I resent the people move out here for a couple years, and try to run this place. We need
industry here, like an asphalt plant that would lower prices to the township and bring in income. We need stores so that we wouldn't have to go to other places to shop. It was that way 40 to 50 years ago. We had a drug store (it was too close to a church and a school). Now we have guns, but that is OK. Bullshit! Wake up.

The growth of our community is at a stand still. It is regressing instead of progressing. We need some industry here or the town will become a ghost town.

What's up with the gun shop? This is not good! Too close to school and church.

Let the area develop as it may. Real concerns should be toward health and safety only. Land development should be determined by the land owners. Each individual is best able to determine what is best for himself. In turn, what is best for the individual is best for the community.

We don't need more development and more traffic.

I really can not agree with a square footage "min" on a house which the home owner is paying for, or the frontage size if you have the acreage to build a house.

I see no need for any additional growth in Burton. The traffic in Burton is already beginning to be a hassle. Too many cars, no parking spaces, etc. I do not know why anyone would want to turn Burton and the surrounding land into another Solon, Mentor, Chardon and Middlefield.

COS - We do not need more taxes! We are already taxed pretty heavily. Who in their right mind would want more taxes to keep the above menu of life qualities? How would more taxes help keep the above qualities?

I see no need for any new commercial growth.

BTOS Question #6 - Strongly Agree - I've never seen a plan, is there one? Then share it with the community! What happened with the newsletter? It should come out more often.

BTOS Question #7 - But don't make any action until the residents know what they are! No sewers!! No annexation!! No treatment plants!! No pollution from asphalt!!