Burton Township Land Use Plan






A comprehensive land use plan serves as a guide for local officials providing an array of information regarding projected growth, development, and various demographic variables. Comprehensive planning involves a thorough analysis of the community's land use issues and is meant to formulate a sound land use strategy. The plan is advisory in nature however, it serves as a solid foundation for the township's zoning resolution and implementation of the zoning districts depicted on the official zoning map. Zoning should be in concert with the plan.

An overview of the township's land base is contained in the land use plan. This includes residential, commercial, and industrial development along with agricultural, recreational, and open space areas. The planning process can have a beneficial impact on land use assuming it is consistently implemented through zoning regulations and related enforcement actions. The plan represents a framework for decision-making that is meant to foster balanced and orderly growth in the community, while taking into consideration the need to preserve and protect environmentally sensitive areas and prime agricultural land.



Land use planning can facilitate a number of positive benefits related to the orderly development and use of real property. For example, this plan:

  • Analyzes the historical demographic trends for the community.
  • Offers general simulations of future growth patterns.
  • Provides a capability analysis of the physical features of the land.
  • Identifies existing and proposed public infrastructure needs.
  • Outlines strategies for protection of sensitive natural features and prime agricultural land.
  • Fosters zoning legislation to implement recommendations.


Planning Process

Burton Township is experiencing, and will continue to encounter for the foreseeable future, the impacts of growth and development associated with the out migration of population from the more developed areas in the surrounding counties. The challenge before Burton Township relates to managing its growth while balancing the rights of individual landowners against the needs of the community at large in order to protect natural resources ("green" infrastructure) and use man-made infrastructure efficiently, equitably and wisely. The capability of the land to sustain expected development activity is a key aspect of growth management in Burton Township as well. With respect to this component, soil types found in the township and related variables will be examined in detail in the plan, along with other physical features.


Summary of Plan Content

The following is a brief synopsis of each subsequent chapter.

"Public Finance and Economic Development" relates to the tax structure and available economic development programs.

Chapter II: "Community Profile and Growth Analysis" includes an analysis of data and future growth.

Chapter III: "Public Finance and Economic Development" relates to the tax structure and available economic development programs.
Chapter IV: "Development Trends" pertaining to subdivision activity.

Chapter V: "Public Infrastructure and Services" is in regards to sewers and other public services.

Chapter VI: "Agriculture" includes an analysis of farming in the township and preservation issues.

Chapter VII: "Existing Land Use and Zoning" contains an overview of land use and zoning criteria.

Chapter VIII: "Natural Resources" encompasses an examination of environmental variables and a comprehensive land capability rating system by land use.

Chapter IX: "Survey Results" contains the opinions of the township residents regarding land use and planning issues.

Chapter X: "Recommendations" conveys a series of recommendations pertaining to major topics covered in the land use plan.


Planning Process

Summary of Plan Content