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Burrows Road Bridge - Structure #60-2.61

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Map and information by Geauga County Deputy Engineer Shane Hajjar
Office of Joe Cattell, Geauga County Engineer
Project Name:
The Replacement of the Burrows Road Bridge, Structure # 60-2.61
Contract Number:
SU 60-2.61-12
Montville Township, Geauga County
Construction Cost Estimate:
Bid Date:
Jan 11, 2012
Low Bid:
Lindsay Concrete
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Final Contract Amount:
No Final Amount Entered
Maintenance of Traffic:
Road Closed at the Bridge
Detour Route: SR 528 - SR 166 - Sidley Road
Project Description:
The existing triple cell wood box culvert bridge at mile marker 2.61 will be replaced with a 20' x 5' four-sided concrete box culvert for Spring Creek on Burrows Road in Monvtille Township. The work will be done by County Forces during the week of April 2, 2012.