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Hubbard Road Bridge Replacement

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Map and information by Geauga County Deputy Engineer Shane Hajjar
Office of Joe Cattell, Geauga County Engineer
Project Name:
The Replacement of the Hubbard Road Bridge, Structure #138-0.96 including the Taylor Wells Road Bridge, Structure #28-0.14
Contract Number:
Burton Township, Geauga County
Construction Cost Estimate:
Bid Date:
February 15, 2006
Low Bid:
Huffman Equipment Rental and Contracting, Inc.
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Final Contract Amount:
Maintenance of Traffic:
Road Closed to Thru Traffic
Project Description:
The existing 12' x 8' four-sided concrete box culvert moved from Hubbard Road to Taylor Wells Road. A new three-sided precast arch structure will be installed on piles. The piles will be embedded in bedrock due to the quicksand considtions located at the bridge site. The bridge is located west of Jug Street on Hubbard Road in Burton Township. This project may be funded by an emergency grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission and a local match from the County Road and Bridge Levy.