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We now have a new website that can be found at Moving forward, we will be phasing out this website and utilizing the new one.

Hello,Joe Cattell, Geauga County Engineer

Thank you for taking the time to review and learn about the projects and maintenance that the Geauga County Engineer’s Office manages.

Please utilize this website as a tool to assist you in better understanding the essential service that the Geauga County Engineer provides the residents of Geauga County, Ohio.

The County Engineer is required per the Ohio Revised Code, Section 5543, to perform the following duties on all County roads and all bridges on county and township roads:

  • Construction
  • Reconstruction
  • Improvement
  • Maintenance
Geauga County Ohio

The County Engineer is also statutorily required to perform engineering services on all township roads.

Please feel free to contact me or my office with any questions, comments, or assistance you may need.

Please drive safely on our roads and bridges and enjoy beautiful Geauga County.

Thank You,

Joe Cattell, PE, PS

Your Geauga County Engineer

Joe Cattell, PE, PS
Geauga County Engineer
Nicholas Gorris, P.E.
Shane Hajjar, P.E.
Andrew Haupt, P.E., P.S.
Deputy Engineers
Trace Turnbull
Highway Superintendent

Responsibilities of the Engineer's Office:
  • designs, constructs and maintains the county roads
  • is the county surveyor and civil engineer
  • works with township trustees in maintaining township roads