Department of Emergency Services


Keeping Geauga County safer
through preparedness.

12518 Merritt Road
Chardon, Ohio 44024-9049

(440) 285-2222, Ext. 2170
Newbury and Burton Residents:
1-888-714-0006, Ext. 2170 Direct Line:  (440) 279-2170
Administrative Fax:  (440) 286-1023
Operations Fax:  (440) 285-7016


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About Us

  • The mission of the Geauga County Department of Emergency Services is to serve the citizens of Geauga County through effective planning for natural, man-made, and technological disasters.
  • Our goal is to save lives and to protect property through coordination of an integrated emergency management system with all emergency response organizations, support services, and the private sector.
  • We are an advocate of community efforts, including educating the general public and government officials to mitigate and prepare for potential emergencies.
  • We will support efforts to train and exercise emergency responders in both the public and private sectors.
  • We will manage and coordinate efforts toward a rapid recovery from disasters with an effective disaster assistance program.

  • The Geauga County Department of Emergency Services is an agency that assists the citizens of Geauga County on a countywide basis through mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.
  • We accomplish this by working with local government agencies, county government agencies, police, fire, and private agencies in coordinating the resources of Geauga County in the event of a major emergency or disaster situation.

  • Geauga County has many plans and procedures in place, including: an Emergency Operations Plan for man-made, natural, and technological emergencies; a Chemical Emergency Response Plan for those hazardous substance facilities in Geauga County; and the Radiological Emergency Response Plan for incidents that occur at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant.

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Board of County Commissioners' Seal This department reports to the Board of County Commissioners:
James W. Dvorak, Timothy C. Lennon, and Ralph Spidalieri.