Geauga County Department of Emergency Services - CERT

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DES - Building

12518 Merritt Road
Chardon, Ohio 44024-9049

(440) 285-2222, 564-7131, 834-1856, Extension 2170
Direct Line:  (440) 279-2170
Administrative Fax:  (440) 286-1023
Operations Fax:  (440) 285-7016


Keeping Geauga County safer
through preparedness.

The Geauga County citizen Corps Council enables local citizens to commit to volunteering during an emergency or incident in Geauga County.

There are also opportunities to engage with local first-responder agencies on a regular basis through training opportunities and drills.

The formation of Citizens Corps on a national level is the result of the shock, horror, and fear that followed the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centers.  As a result, people began to question how such a disaster might be prevented in the future, and if such another disaster should occur, how they could best prepare for and respond to it.

Being on a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is administered by each local township / village / city and members are given a 20 - 24 hour training session and a backpack with those items needed to do your job.

Think of it as a community block watch for disaster and helping your fellow neighbor and local law enforcement, fire services, and local officials in the event of a major emergency or disaster in your community.

Primary Objectives of the Citizen Corps Council:

  • make their communities safer from threats of all types
  • educate the public on safety
  • protection and prevention
  • spearhead volunteer and educational efforts

You can learn more about the Ohio Citizens Corps movement by going to the related links page or by contacting Kenneth L. Folsom at (440) 279-2173.  If you would like a brochure, please contact our office at (440) 279-2170 and one will be sent out to you.