Building Department

Bureau of Inspections and Licensing

470 Center Street, Building #8-C
Chardon, Ohio 44024-1071

(440) 285-2222, 564-7131, 834-1856, Extension 1780
Direct Line: (440) 279-1780
Fax: (440) 285-2237

Michael G. Mihalisin, Chief Building Official

The Geauga County Building Department issues building permits and inspects new structures to ensure governmental standards and regulations.

Employee Information

Michael G. Mihalisin, CFM
Chief Building Official - Certified Flood Plain Manager
(440) 279-1782
Larry Heiden
Chief Electrical Inspector
(440) 279-1786
Daniel W. Spada
Assistant Building Official
(440) 279-1784
Jerry Blakey
Multi-Certified Inspector
(440) 279-1783
Lisa Moriarty
Permit Technician - Administrative Associate
(440) 279-1787

Board of County Commissioners' Seal This department reports to the Board of County Commissioners:
James W. Dvorak, Timothy C. Lennon, and Ralph Spidalieri.