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Aerial Photos 1937 None Engineer
Administration Dockets Vol. 1 (1870) to Vol.10 (1955) None Probate Court
Assessment of Real Property 1870-1910, Vol. B,C,D,F 1880-1910 Auditor
Atlas Maps 1874,1900 None None
Birth Record
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Birth Records (1867-1907) at USGenWeb
Book 1 (1867-1899) None Probate Court
Birth and Death Record
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Vital Records (1867-1907) at USGenWeb
1899-1908 None Probate Court
Case Files late 1800s-2001 1806-1917, 1806-1851, Vol. A-H Probate Court
Civil and Criminal
Case Files Index
Vols. 1-10 Vol. 1-3 Clerk of Courts
Civil Case Files early 1800s - 1940; 1990-2002 None Clerk of Courts
Court Journals Vols. A-Z, 27-72 1806-1902, Vol. A-Z Clerk of Courts
Court Records Vols. AA-Y, 36-142 None Clerk of Courts
Criminal Case Files 1844-2002 None Clerk of Courts
Death Record Book 1 (1867-1899) None Probate Court
Decennial Appraisals 1870-1910 1870-1910 Auditor
Deed Index 1798-1956, Vols. 1-17 None Recorder
Deed/Mortgage Books 1798-1956, Vols. 1-299 None Recorder
Final Record Books 1853-1955 None Probate Court
General Dockets (Indexed) Vol.1(1955)-Vol.20(1989) None Probate Court
General Index to Marriages
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Marriage Index (1806-1919) at USGenWeb
Books A (1806) to F(1869) None Probate Court
Geauga Record 1961-1962 None None
Geauga Republican Record 1949-1952 None None
Geauga Times Leader 1955-1962,1964, 1975-1985 None None
Guide to the Painesville (Ohio) Telegraph 1822-1829 None None
Journals 1852-1955, Vols. A-Z, 1, 27-48 None Probate Court
Marriage Certificates 1973-1995;002-3399; #8,901-#21,900 None Probate Court
Marriage Record
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Marriage Index (1806-1919) at USGenWeb
Book 1 (1870) to Book 59(2002) None Probate Court
Marriage Record Books
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Marriage Index (1806-1919) at USGenWeb
1806-1869, Books A-F 1806-1851, Books A-D Probate Court
Marriage Record Index
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Marriage Index (1806-1919) at USGenWeb
Books A-F Books A-F Probate Court
Mechanics Liens 1848-1930 None Recorder
Monumental Work: Inscriptions and Interments in Geauga County, Ohio through 1983
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Cemetaries at USGenWeb
Published 1983 None None
Mortgage Index 1798-1980 (Vols. 1-12,14,16,18, A-Z) None None
Naturalization Records 1860-1958 None Clerk of Courts
Oral History Transcripts 1976-1989 1976-1989 Geauga County Library
Pioneer & General History of Geauga Co., Ohio 1880,1953 None None
Probate Records in Ledgers
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Index To Probate Records at USGenWeb
1806-1853 None Probate Court
Road Record 1802-1951 (Vols. A-F) None Engineer
Surveyor's Records 1834-1937, Vols. 1-3 None Engineer
Tax Duplicates 1826-1922 1972-2006 Treasurer
Tax Lists 1810-1951 1871-1971 Auditor
Tax Maps 1820-1870,1935-1980 None None
Williams Brothers History of
Lake & Geauga Co.
1878 None None
Wills in Ledgers 1853-1955 None Probate Court
Visions of Community: Doctoral Dissertation of Bari Oyler Stith Copyright 1992 None County Archives

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