Chardon Township

Est. 1812

Geauga County

General Township Information


Cable TV Service

Chardon Township contracts with Time Warner to provide Cable Television Service to the Township. Do not call the Chardon Township Town Hall for service or send your payment to the Town Hall. To contact Time Warner for service, call 877-772-2253.

GTV (Channel 20)

Watch GTV for announcements concerning Chardon Township. Chardon Township supports GTV with the 3% franchise fee you pay with your cable bill.

Garbage Service

Rubbish removal is the responsibility of the homeowner. Vendors who provide this service may be found in the Yellow Pages under "Rubbish Removal". Recycling can be accomplished by paying the rubbish company or certain items can be taken to the Township Hall at 9949 Mentor Road. Newspapers, glass and plastic should be placed in the bins provided.

Well and Septic Systems

Your well and septic system are your water and sanitary services when living in a Township.

  • WELLS - Use your well wisely. Do not water or fertilize your grass as you would in a city. The aquifer you use supplies others with their water needs. Heavy rain or snow melt-off may cause excess fertilizer nutrients to run off and pollute streams, lakes, wetlands, and some underground sources of drinking water. Excessive use can deplete the water supply available to you and your neighbors.
  • SEPTIC SYSTEMS - Your septic system, which is an on-site system, should be maintained so that it operates efficiently. Do not flush items or material that will not degrade. No person is permitted to dump untreated effluent from a septic system into any road ditch or waterway (hence the name, on-site). A poorly functioning septic system pollutes the environment and could contaminate your drinking water. Contact the Geauga County Health Department at (440) 279-1900 for maintenance information. If you have a problem, have it repaired promptly.

Recreational Activities

Recreational activities such as baseball for youth are coordinated through the City of Chardon Recreation at (440) 286-2630.

Street Lights

The Township does not light the streets. This helps to keep your taxes low. The lower lighting levels out in the township also means you get to enjoy the light shows nature provides that cannot be seen in the city.