Real Estate Taxes

The County Treasurer collects Real Estate taxes twice a year. The County Treasurer cannot raise your Real Estate taxes. All increases in taxes are attributed to tax levies passed by voters in your area and/or an increase in the County Auditor's assessed value of your property.

Taxes are typically billed in January (First Half) and June (Second Half) of each year and are always due on the second Wednesday of February and the second Wednesday of July.

While only the half-year tax is due in February, taxpayers have the option of paying the full-year. If only the half-year tax is paid, we will bill in June for the remaining balance. For more payment options, click the Real Estate Payment Options link.

**Note** Taxpayers that own only one parcel in which the Full-Year taxes total $2.00 or less will not be billed, as the County Auditor will remove the tax from that parcel.

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