Frequently Asked Questions

When are my Real Estate taxes due?
Real Estate Taxes are always due the second Wednesday in February and the second Wednesday in July.
Who do I make the check payable to?
Make checks payable to Geauga County Treasurer.
Are credit cards or e-checks accepted?
Yes. E-checks, American Express, Master Card, Visa, and Discover cards are accepted as payments by phone and on-line. Credit cards are also accepted in the Treasurer's office. There is a convenience fee for this service charged by the vendor. To pay by e-check or credit card click here.
What happens if I pay my Real Estate taxes after the due date?
If your payment is postmarked after the due date, State Law mandates a ten-percent penalty be assessed on any First and or Second Half balances.
Can I arrange a payment plan to pay delinquent Real Estate taxes?
Payment plans are available for delinquent taxpayers. No interest is charged but complying with the plan rules is important. For all delinquency payment plan questions, contact Deputy Treasurer Jennifer DeRenzo at 440-279-2001 or
Can I pay my Real Estate taxes ahead of time?
We do offer an Escrow program that would allow you to pay four months ahead of time towards your half-year taxes. For more information on this program contact Deputy Treasurer Mary Kay Shea at 440-279-2006 or
How do I change the mailing address on my Real Estate tax bill?
To change the mailing address of your tax bill you must send us the request. Click here for the form. If the address is to be changed to a mortgage company, we must have the request letter from the company.
I think the value of my property is too high. What can I do about it?
The Treasurer’s Office is not responsible for valuations of real property. All questions regarding the value of your property are the responsibility of the Auditor’s office at 440-279-1614, or go to his website Geauga REALink.
Why is the previous owner’s name on my Real Estate tax bill?
When a property has been recently transferred it takes one year to clear the previous owner’s name out of the system. This does not mean that you are not responsible for the payment of your tax bill.
Where do my Real Estate taxes go?
All tax monies go to public schools, public libraries, local government, County Park, local park districts and any other subdivision that had a tax levy approved by the voters.
I overpaid my Real Estate taxes, will I get a refund?
If you have overpaid your taxes we will send you notification in writing. You have the option of having the money returned to you, or crediting your taxes to the next half. If you and your mortgage company have paid your taxes, resulting in an overpayment, we must have a letter from both you and your mortgage company stating which party should receive the money back. For more information on this you may contact Deputy Treasurer Donna Borsi at 440-279-2000 or
What should I do if I did not receive a Real Estate tax bill?
Contact our office at 440-279-2000. If you know the amount of taxes due and your parcel number, you may mail a check to our office. This information can also be obtained from the Auditor’s website, Geauga REALink. You can also print off a copy of your Real Estate tax bill by clicking here.
How much are my taxes?
You may call our office at 440-279-2000, or use the Auditor’s website to obtain this information, Geauga REALink. You can also print off a copy of your Real Estate tax bill by clicking here.
Can I have my Real Estate taxes automatically taken out of my bank account?
You can have your taxes withdrawn from your checking or savings account by completing an application. You may call or stop by our office to obtain this form. We also have a monthly withdrawal program. All questions regarding automatic withdrawal can be directed to Deputy Treasurer Mary Kay Shea at 440-279-2006 or
Can I appeal to have my penalty waived?
You can apply to have your penalty waived or refunded to you by completing an Application for the Remission of Penalty (Form 23A) which can be obtained through our office or click here.
Is there a Real Estate tax reduction for elderly or disabled people?
The Homestead Credit is available to anyone 65 and older or who is permanently disabled. Details regarding the Homestead Credit can be obtained by contacting the Auditor’s Office at 440-279-1617 or go to the Auditor’s website,
Is there a discount for paying my Real Estate taxes early?
At this time the Geauga County Treasurer offers no discounts for paying real estate taxes early.
If my Real Estate tax payment is not made on time, how much is the penalty?
If your tax payment is not made by the due date a ten-percent penalty will be assessed. If no payment is made until December, additional interest will accrue.
Can I get a paid receipt for Real Estate taxes sent by mail?
To get a receipt when sending your payment through mail, enclose your entire bill with your payment along with a self-addressed and stamped envelope.
What is my Real Estate tax rate?
You may use the Auditor’s website to determine your tax rate, or you may contact the Auditor’s office at 440-279-1614.
Why are Real Estate taxes collected one year in arrears?
You pay for the time you own the property. This year is not applicable because you have not owned the property all year. You pay for the taxes for the year you owned the property. If you did not own the property during the previous year and are unsure if you are responsible for the taxes, contact your title company to determine who is responsible.
My Real Estate taxes are paid through my mortgage, but I received a tax bill. What should I do?
If you receive a tax bill in error, contact your mortgage company immediately and forward the bill onto them.
Have my Real Estate taxes been paid?
Using your parcel number or address, you may use the Auditor’s website to determine if your taxes have been paid. You may also contact our office at 440-279-2000.
Where can I pay my Real Estate tax bill?
You can pay your tax bill at our office located in the Opera House on 211 Main Street in Chardon, Ohio.
How are my taxes determined?
The assessed value, or 35% of your market value, is multiplied by the Effective Tax Rate.
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